Saturday, December 6, 2008


CTP goes Hollywood!

And here's us and our new celebrity friend. Can you say "Point Break?"

Monday, December 1, 2008

The Flame Still Burns

We're currently in Albuquerque, New Mexico a week into our tour with Grave Maker, which has had its share of obstacles to say the least, but we're doing what we always do and riding through it. Ok, so that sentence makes it sound like it's worse than it actually is. It's really not that bad. Let me explain.

Unfortunately, our bass player Kyle "I got angry and I jumped" Bowen has a problem keeping his credit cards in order and has racked up enough debt to warrant a bailout from the federal government. But since he's not the CEO of AIG, has got to do what normal people do when they're in debt: go back to work. So instead of going on tour with us he's at home being a working stiff, which has left us as a 4 piece for the next month or so. For the first time ever, I have switched over from playing guitar to playing bass every night. I'm still trying to get used to it, but I suppose it's going well.

We started off the tour in West Virginia where we met up with Grave Maker on their last date with This is Hell. After driving 16 plus hours to the show we showed up too late to play in our designated time slot, so we ended up playing after This is Hell, which I guess wasn't the best, but kids still stuck around. After doing a month long metal tour in October, we kind of forgot that kids still listen to hardcore and some kids actually go to shows for other reasons than trying to "bring the mosh" (gasp!). It was just nice to play a show where everyone didn't run for the door once we started playing a fast beat.

Covington KY probably would've been a good show, but the building caught fire before we got to play. Oh well.

We spent Thanksgiving with our friends Claire and Mary in St. Louis, so thanks to them for taking in a bunch of crappy dudes, and bringing them around their family no less.

Since then we've been having fun with Grave Maker and we're stoked to be out with a hardcore band and getting back to playing actual hardcore shows. Tulsa was a dope show, and in Oklahoma City we got to chill with our old friends in Decades. We met them a couple years ago on one of our first tours and hadn't played with them since, so it was great to see them and hear how they've developed since then. Take Control from Iowa also played a couple shows with us, and they're solid dudes who you should check out.
So really things are pretty good. We're just broke and hungry, but that's nothing new. Tomorrow we're in El Paso and then we start heading west. We'll see you around.-Harbor

P.S: If you want to read a review where they compare us to Black Flag and Modern Life is War, check it out here