Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Hey kids! so there's a lot to cover, so I'll be brief. Here it goes:

We got back from Europe about 2 weeks ago and it was a blast! It was seriously one of the best experiences of our lives and we're stoked we were able to go. We did have a pretty awful situation trying to get back home (and it didn't have anything to do with a volcano) you can read about that here on Harbor's blog. Nonetheless it was amazing and can't wait to go back. Here's a few shots from Europe:

Next order of business:

We were stoked to be heading out with our good friends Take it Back! on the "Breaking All The Brules Tour!" It's going to be a blast so make sure you go. We'll also have some additional summer dates posted shortly.

and finally...

Our new album "Life of Defiance" will be out June 8th and you can now pre-order from Facedown, and all pre-orders will be eligible to win a one-of-a-kind CTP skateboard deck! You can do that here. We recently posted a new song from the album called "Functionary." You can check that out here.

That's it for now. See everyone on the road!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Rain in Spain.

Sorry about the length of time without an update. We've been busy covering the entire continent of Europe. You know, no big deal. After a week or two in Eastern Europe, we moved into the warmer and more civilized counties like France, Spain, Italy and Portugal. It's been rad. The other day we got to hang out in Badalona, Spain, a vibrant little city on the Mediterranean outside of Barcelona. We hung out on the beach and then got lost in the city. That's what we've been best at. Wandering away from the venue every day and getting lost. Today we were in Lyon, France. We got lost and then ended up at this park with all these gardens and atriums that were built around the turn of the century. There were deer just walking around and a lot of people on razor scooters for some reason. It was wild!

A couple days before that we were in Lisboa, Portugal a huge city on the coast. It's an old city with tons of statues, cathedrals and narrow streets that wind up and down the hills and makes no sense. The venue we played that night was on a street too narrow for the tour bus, so we unloaded the trailer at a hotel across town and had to load everything into the promoter's van. It took about 3 trips to get everyone and every thing there. The ride to the venue was like a death race dodging traffic and old trollies through the streets. The venue was at the bottom of a hill and the road going up the hill actually went over the venue, but it was just an overpass, there was a city block built on top of the venue. WILD.

Shows have been lots of fun and we've been having a blast with Agnostic Front and This is Hell hanging out on the bus. We couldn't ask for better bands to see Europe for the first time with. Here's a a few pictures from my phone, with the exception of the live shots. Some better ones coming soon

Bydgeszcz, Poland

Leipzig, Germany

Hamburg, Germany


Badalona, Spain

Lisbon, Portugal

Lyon, France

A video blog we'll be up soon, and hopefully if this volcano in Iceland chills out soon, they can resume European air travel and we'll be home in just over a week. If not we might be stuck here for a while. We'll see. That's it for now. More updates soon!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Greetings from Eastern Europe!

We have been on our European tour With Agnostic Front for about a week now and it's been pretty rad. We've been chillin' on the bus, hanging out with skin heads, storming castles, things like that. It's been a lot of fun.
The tour started out in Kassel, Germany. We flew in the day before and hung out with our German friend Tim from Today Forever, who was nice enough to order all our food for us since we don't speak German. The next we played the first show to over 500 people. The place was packed! When Agnostic Front came on the place went insane, and that's how it's been every night.

After Kassel we headed to Wroclaw, Poland, our crossover into eastern Europe where the effects of the iron curtain are still visible. In Kassel the crowd was about 50/50 hardcore kids to skinheads. In Eastern Europe there's about 80 skinheads for every 20 hardcore kids. Skinhead culture is alive and well in Eastern Europe. This might explain our mediocre merch sales. Don't get me wrong. People are getting into it and we're having a lot of fun, but none of our merch has iron crosses on it, so they're not interested.
The other day we played Bratislava, Slovakia, a beautiful modern city with an old world feel. It was a fun show and we got to check out the city before the show, including Bratislava Castle. The next day we played in Kocise which is close to Slovakia's border with Ukraine. It was quite the contrast to Bratislava: grey, dreary and depressing. Exactly what you would think former communist city would look like. What's strange though is how much people love ska and dancehall out here. In the most depressing city so far, the back stage had Specials and Aggrolites posters everywhere and the walls were painted with checkerboards and Jamaican colors. Ska is alive and well in Slovakia.

Today we're in Leipzig, Germany at a place called Conne Island and it's supposed to be awesome. They already made us some tasty sandwiches, so I got a good feeling.

The week before we left for this tour we were finishing up our new record "Life of Defiance." so here's our video blog from making the record. We had a pretty good time. Check it out:

That's it for now. There will be a bunch more updates about tour and the new album soon!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

We're in Europe!

A lot is happening right now. I will go into detail about happenings in the next couple days, but for now here is the rundown.

- Our new album "Life of Defiance" is now mixed and mastered. The recording went pretty great and we're happy with the way everything came out, and I'm in the process of editing the video from making the record. "Life of Defiance" will be out June 8th and will be having several cd release shows planned that week, as well as some June tour dates. We're also working on some dates for May, so be on the look out for those.

- We left yesterday for our Euro tour with Agnostic Front and This is Hell and we couldn't be more stoked. We got into Amsterdam this afternoon, where our buddy Tim from Today Forever picked us up and took us to his hometown Kassel, Germany where we kick off the tour tomorrow. We haven't done a whole lot yet, but we got a chance to walk around Kassel today and take it all in. It's a beautiful city and is almost postcard like. Later on Tim took us to our first German disco, which is a lot like any club in the states, except no one seems desperate. Just something I picked up on. Also Tim insisted we try a type of soda called malt beer, which he said was like root beer, but as it turns out its not. My conclusion was that it tasted like a barely sweet beans and rice flavored soda. Not so good.
So there's going to be a lot going on and I'm going to try and update this as much as possible. Keep checking back!

Friday, March 19, 2010

We're shuttin' Down The Studio

We've been at Warrior Sound recording "Life of Defiance" for the past four days, and I'm sitting here listening to John lay down the first vocal tracks. Given our our limited number of days before we leave for tour we've spent all day here everyday. I have to say I think everything is coming even better than we hoped it would. It's already sounding pretty killer and and its only been four days.

This recording experience has been quite different than recording From Isolation. Last time around we were in Boston and had two weeks of 6 hour days. This time we're in a rural town outside of Chapel Hill, NC and we're doing 6 10 hour days. Last time we were a 5 peice and brought 2 of our friends with us. This time we're a 4 peice, we didn't bring any friends with us and mike had to leave after he finished tracking drums. We've spent a lot more time recording and less time goofing around and yelling at girls with umbrellas. I personally have spent much more time playing on this album than last time, which means I've been able to document the process less. This makes for a good record, but not for hilarious video blogs. Don't worry there will be some, but I can't promise they'll be as funny as last time.

It hasn't been all work and no play though. The other night the dudes from Advent came by and hung out with us, and mike from For Today showed up out of nowhere. It ruled. Tonight they're coming by to help us with some gang vocals and I'm sure some serious partying will ensue. I'm sure you can infer who's doing some guest vocals on this record.

Here's a few shots from this week:

We leave for our European tour with Agnostic Front and This is Hell in one week. Get stoked!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

It's Crunch Time, Kids!

With everything we have to get ready for I shouldn't be blogging right now, so I'll make this short.

We played two shows last month with Take it Back!, Ambush!, and Continuance. It was a lot of fun, as it almost always is with those guys. The first show was in Melbourne and it was pretty much just our friends there, which was alright, but it would've been nice to have some other people there so they could hear our new songs. The Tampa show was a lot of fun, but it was quite different. john had a naga tournament in south florida he had to be at, so he had to miss the show. Chase Moore of Seventh Star fame filled in on bass and I did vocals. I had a blast and kids responded well. Thanks to everyone for putting up with me.

Now its March 10 and we're just a week away from going to record our next album. We'll be recording at Warrior Sound in Chapel hill, North Carolina. Advent recorded their new album there and it sounds pretty amazing so we're stoked. And the title of the album:

"Life of Defiance"

Deal with it.
After that we'll be home for about 3 days before we jump on a plane for Europe and start our tour with Agnostic Front and This is Hell. This is going to be unreal. I still don't think it's hit that in the next month and half I will have been to about 10 different countries I've never been to before. WILD.

Just like last time, we're going to record all the studio hijinks and put it up on the world wide web. We will do the same for Europe. Be on the look out. We're about to be crazy busy.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A new video with old footage.

I finally got around to putting together a video blog. This one is footage the past year that we never got to do anything with. Mostly because I ran out of space on my computer. And also because I'm lazy. I'm calling this "The Lost Tapes" and there will be a part two of this segment along shortly. Enjoy!

Also don't forget about these shows this week. We'll be playing some new songs so come out to 'em!

Friday, January 29, 2010

European tour 2K10

We're heading to Europe this spring with the one and only AGNOSTIC FRONT as well as THIS IS HELL. We're super stoked and it's going to be an amazing tour. Check out the dates:
Mar 28 - Kassel @ Spot (Germany)
Mar 29 - Wroclaw @ Alibi (Poland)
Mar 30 - Bratislava @ Randal Club (Slovakia)
Mar 31 - Kosice @ Colloseum Club (Slovakia)
Apr 1 - Leipzig @ Conne Island (Germany)
Apr 2 - Bydgoszcz @ Estrada Bar (Poland)
Apr 3 - Rostock @ Zwischenbau (Germany)
Apr 7 - Traun @ Spinnerei (Austria)
Apr 8 - Cham @ L.A. (Germany)
Apr 9 - Castelletto Cervo (Biella) @ Koko Club (Italy)
Apr 10 - Montpellier @ Secret Place (France)
Apr 11 - Badalona @ Estraperlo Club (Spain)
Apr 12 - Madrid @ TBA (Spain)
Apr 13 - Lissabon @ Music Box (Portugal)
Apr 14 - Arrasate @ Hiru (Spain)
Apr 15 - Biarritz @ Atabal (France)
Apr 16 - Lyon @ CCO (France)
Apr 17 - Arlon @ L’Entrepôt (Belgium)
Apr 18 - Eindhoven @ Dynamo (Netherlands)
Apr 19 - Karlsruhe @ Die Stadtmitte (Germany)
Apr 20 - Montbeliard @ Atelier des Moles (France)
Apr 21 - Weinheim @ Café Central (Germany)
Apr 22 - Bochum @ Matrix (Germany)
Apr 23 - Meerhout @ Groezrock (Belgium)
Apr 24 - Berlin @ SO36 (Germany)
Also we're confirmed to record our next album in March. Keep out for all this stuff. Good Things! See you on the other side of the pond.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Waking up out of hibernation

This is our first show in a long time and it's good to be playing with some of good friends like Take it Back! We'll be playing some new songs so make sure to come check us out.
Here's what our schedule is looking like right now:
February: Florida shows
March: Recording new album
April: Europe tour
May: US tour
early summer: new album
So yea we're not dead. We're actually quite alive.