Saturday, October 25, 2008

We hate days off

Last minute show today. Just go ahead and add our name to the list. We play 1st for 15 minutes.

Also here's another video for you to check out:

Fast times in the Jersey countryside

Greetings from the middle of nowhere New Jersey! I would like to tell you where exactly we are in the garden state, but I honestly have no idea. We played in Clinton tonight and after the show we followed this nice family on what we thought would be a short drive to stay at their house. After about 10 minutes of driving we got into a rural area and I thought, "Oh that's nice, they live in a quaint little area." 20 minutes later country road turns into even more country road and we're still not to the house. Back at home nothing good ever happens this deep into the woods. All the sudden I started thinking of that movie Wicker Man and thought there might be a possibility we were being taken to be sacrificed at the hands of pagan farmers, bent on spilling the blood of good Christian boys, all just to appease the land so they're crop would yield plenty for their little backwoods Wiccan agricultural commune. fortunately that is not the case and we are all alive, and enjoying the hospitality of this nice family.

Last night we played in Annapolis, Maryland, where not a whole lot a kids showed up, but the few that did seemed to be stoked. Plus, we got to hang out with a couple of dudes from xLooking Forwardx and that's always fun. Justin came and hung for a little bit and then after the show we all stayed at Kevin D's new place, which is pretty ballin'. All those guys seem pretty stoked to not be playing shows in xLFx right now, but since they're all doing grown up things like having kids and getting married and having real jobs, I can't really blame them. At least we still get to hang out when we come to Maryland.
This band called One Step Too Many played the show, and it was great to play with those dudes. They have great musical taste for a band whose singer is barely old enough to drive. On a tour where I've seen at least 5 kids wearing a The Devil Wears Prada shirt every night, they were a breath of fresh air. You can check them out here.
Tonight's show was a little wierd. There were over 200 kids in this church's gym, but everyone stood in the back most of the time. The "pit" was in the middle of the floor, but nobody was in front of them. It was just odd. I think it might have to do with the venue's rules about "no riding on the crowd" and having "happy pits." I'm sure having about 5 kids there who knew what hardcore was didn't help either.

Our show tomorrow in Yonkers got canceled. Sucks. We're trying to find a last minute replacement show here in Jersey. We'll see what happens.

Stuff You Should Check Out
First off all, we finally finished our second video blog for this tour, and it's quite possibly the best one we've ever done. It's jammed packed with all sorts of goodies. Watch it:

Here's an Interview we did with Pure Grain Audio. You can check that out here:
I just want to say, I think the question I'm tired of being asked the most is, "Do you think being a Christian band keeps you from being accepted?" I honestly don't really know the answer. I don't really care either. Sometimes we play to Christian kids and do really well and sometimes we do really bad. Sometimes we play just regular hardcore shows and we do well and sometimes we don't. I have no idea whether or not it's because we're all followers of Jesus or not. I can't always find the correlation of why some people like us and some don't, but I feel like it's not my job to analyze what people think about us. Isn't that their job? Isn't that your job? This little rant shouldn't keep you from reading the article though. Read it and make your own judgements about us.

Lastly, Heather Utley takes awesome pictures like this one:

Check out her site!
We Love You!-Harbor and CTP

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Don't be that Gwuy!

So we've been on tour for the past few weeks now, and it's been a lot of fun. We hooked up with For Today a little while ago and we've been causing trouble all over the country. As it turns out they're pretty rad dudes. I would tell you more about the tour, but I don't want to ruin the next video blog, which should be up here in the next few days. It's going to be jam packed with craziness and mischievous behavior that you wont know what to do with yourself.
Besides that, I will say this has been the most metal tour we've been on (translate as no one knows who we are on this tour). In all honesty it's been kind of a mixed bag. A lot of the shows have been like if you dropped a handful of kids who would usually be at our shows into a crowd of 150 kids who've never heard of us, or any other hardcore band for that matter. This does not mean we're not having fun. We definitely are. You will know how much fun soon enough.

If you get a chance, pick up the new issue of Outburn magazine, where you'll find a nice little interview with us, which would be a little nicer had they gotten our album title right. Is it so hard to get "From Isolation" right? C'mon! Go buy it, or come see us at a show and will give you one for free! Actually if I get a chance I'll scan it and put it on here.

Well this was fun. The next entry will include such visual mastery you won't know what to do with yourself.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

If the Cohen Brothers toured in a van...

As promised, here is the first video from our cd release tour. I know this one seems a little long, but it's worth watching the whole thing. Of course if you were at one of our shows last week there's a good chance you're in it, so go look for yourself. If you do decide that 8 minutes is pushing your short attention span to unknown levels, fast forward to the last 2 minutes. You won't be sorry.

Also tomorrow we got added to a show last minute in St. Louis with Folsom (we just can't stay away from those dudes!) It's at the Rubar, so come out and have a good time. Later Slater!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Win some shoes from CTP and nike 6.0

So in case you didn't know, Nike 6.0 is making some pretty hot shoes right now, so there's no reason why you shouldn't do this contest and get some free dunks, as well as our brand new cd! You can sign up here. Big thanks goes out to our good friend Adam at 6.0 for hooking this contest up!

We just played a show in Louisville, Kentucky tonight and I guess it wasn't too bad of a show. Supposedly, Hoods played the same place the past two nights before we played, so I guess that probably affected the turn out a little bit. We still had a great time and thanks to everybody for coming out. Right now we're hanging in our friend Heather's basement in Evansville, Indiana where we'll be playing tomorrow. We're definitely stoked because Evansville is always good people and the last few times we've played here have been amazing. There's also this promise of donuts when we get up in the morning and that makes me like being here even more. Oh and I have mention that the staircase to Heather's basement is the steepest staircase I've ever seen. It's like some booby trapped stair case that guards the resting place of the holy grail, or the entrance to a lab of an evil genius. Actually the first thing I thought when I saw it was "Stay close to the candles. The stairway... can be treacherous." If you know where that quote is from you get a free shirt next time we play your town. Enough about stairs. I shouldn't be making blog posts at 4 in the morning. Goodnight!-Harbor

P.S.: I'm in the process of editing the next tour video blog, so be ready!