Monday, October 26, 2009

What's Up Stangers?

So there hasn't been a lot to post about lately. We got off our last tour over a month ago and we haven't played any shows since. In fact, we don't have any more tours planed for the rest of the year. So what gives?

Well first off, a few of us are taking this time to focus on school. Actually 3/4 of the band is focusing on school so that's taking up a lot of time. The other reason (and the one you're probably more interested in) is that we're taking this time to write new material for our next album. With school and having one member living on the other side of the state, it's a slow going process(Thank God for Garage Band and Ichat!) but we're working it out. I have to say I'm personally pleased with the music we've written so far. It may catch you off guard. We'll see.

The tentative plan is to record early next year. We'll be going back to Boston to work with the one and only Jim Siegal, and then the record should be out in the spring. Will we finally release something on vinyl? Maybe...

Our other order of business is finding a new bass player. For those of you who didn't catch us over the summer playing as a four peice, Kyle had to leave the band at the beginning of the summer. Nothing dramatic or anything. He's just up to his eyeballs in debt and can't afford to be in a band that doesn't make any money, so now he's got a 9-5. We still love him and wish him the best in his battle against the credit bureau.
If you're interested in trying out send us a message on the myspace. Here's a few of the requirements:

-Loves Jesus
-Straight Edge
-Able to tour full time
-Lives in Florida or willing to relocate
-Good attitude!

And these aren't required but preferred:

-Pro gear (and it has to work too)
-Good taste in music (subject to my opinion)
-Into The Office, 30 Rock, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and Friday Night Lights
-Can quote most of Waynes World, Zoolander, and Airheads
-Ability to skate is always a plus
-You don't wear stupid shirts that are sold at truck stops. We already got one of those.
-You gotta be able to hang!
That's it for now kids. See everyone in a few months.