Friday, May 6, 2011

Outta Time

Whenever I try to do any kind of business for the band, or even try to post on this blog I'm reminded of why we're breaking up. It's really hard to keep a band going while you're working full time. We've been getting stuff ready for the tour and the 7" while trying to juggle busy lives and some of us living out of state, so it's not as easy as it used to be. That being said, here's a little run-down on what's been going on. Hopefully later I can post about some of these things in greater detail.

Facedown Fest

Facedown Fest was a lot of fun as always, but this time was different since it was our last west coast show and it was our first time not touring out there. We all flew in to San Diego on Thursday and ate In-N-Out Burger immediately. We had really missed it. Our friend Drew happened to be in town with A Day to Remember, so we called him up and ended up hanging out at their show with 6,000 screaming tweens. It was quite an experience. The fest itself was a lot of fun and we're really going to miss going out there. Our set was great and the kids really made it worth our while.

Here's a short clip from the set where we play Empty Promises and a No Warning cover. I was stoked that so many kids knew that song:

Also, here's a video of 60 dudes in black t-shirts trying to take a picture on the beach.

And this is what it came out looking like.

Pretty cool, huh?


We just got done recording our final release, the "Validation" 7". It's finishing getting mastered right now and we're really excited about it. I think it's really going out on a high note for us and we can't wait for you to hear the new songs. Here's the tracklisting in case you're interested.

1. Exploit, Neglect, Condemn
2. Validation
3. Closer
4. To become One

We'll be posting more about that soon, including details about the pressing.

The Final Tour

We've just announced our final tour for this summer. We'll be heading out with a band we love touring with, Dead Icons, and our new friends in Dynasty. We tried to hit up places we love playing and for a two week tour it's pretty spread out. If we didn't make it to you area, we're really sorry. Here's the dates:

6/15 Fayetteville GA @ 11th Hour Venue **
6/16 Columbia SC @ Unit One Art Space
6/17 Whitesburg KY @ Letcher County Tourism
6/18 Cookeville TN @ Westside Station
6/19 Southhaven MS @ Cafe 549
6/20 Little Rock AR @ Downtown Music Hall
6/21 Tyler TX @ The Attic
6/22 Houston TX @ Cain's Ashes
6/23 McAllen TX @ VFW Hall
6/24 San Antonio TX @ The White Rabbit
6/25 Dallas TX @ The Door

6/26 Tulsa OK @ The Reverb w/ Onward To Olympus
6/27 Springfield MO @ Salad Days w/ Onward To Olympus
6/28 Springfield IL @ Black Sheep Cafe
6/29 Bushnell IL @ Cornerstone (Blood & Ink Friends Night) **
6/30 Bushnell IL @ Cornerstone **
7/01 Bushnell IL @ Cornerstone **

7/05 Evansville IN @ The Rev **
7/06 Chattanooga @ The Warehouse **

** No Dead Icons

We'll be announcing our final Florida dates very soon. Until then we're playing an awesome fest next week in Ft Lauderdale called Bringing it Back For The Kids Fest. There's a lot of awesome bands playing so you should definitely be there!

That's it for now. Check back soon!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

California Uber Alles

I shouldn't be up this late since tomorrow will be such a long day. In a matter of hours we will be flying out to California in preparation of Facedown Fest 2011. We always love coming out to the west coast and we're especially excited about this show. Not only is it Facedown Fest, but it's our last west coast show ever, and that's a pretty big deal. We got a pretty good set planned. A lot of older ones and a few of our favorites. Get STOKED!

In other news, we're almost done writing the 7". We're going to be recording this month at Warrior in Chapel Hill, where we recorded Life Of Defiance. We're excited about these 4 songs. They're not like anything we've written before, and for our last release, why not? We're going to be announcing a title for the 7" very soon, so keep checking it out.

There's going to be a lot more posts on here from now on. We promise.

See you soon California!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Beginning of the End

It's been a long time since we've updated this thing and a lot has changed since then. Last year was a turbulent year for this band. On the positive side we put out a new record, we went to Europe for the first time and stayed on the road for most of the year. The negative was that we got into debt, debt that we couldn't seem to get ahead of no matter how many tours we did and half the band had to stop touring, leaving us a band full of fill ins. That leads us to where we are today, a band that has started to feel weary, tired and factioned. That's why we've decided to hang it up and this year will be our final year as a band. Here's the official statement:

After eight years, three full-lengths and countless tours all over, Call to Preserve is calling it quits. For the past year or so we’ve done our best to keep functioning as a band despite losing members and having remaining members cut back their involvement. Now all of us are being pulled in different directions and our aspirations for our future have expanded much further than being on tour all the time. With some of us moving away, going back to school or starting careers, we just can’t sacrifice our time to this band like we used to. It would be a disservice to ourselves to do CTP half heartedly, so instead we want to go out on a high note and enjoy our last few months as a band.

We want to do our best to make sure those who want to can come see us for the last time. This April we’ll be playing our last west coast show at Facedown Fest 2011 and in the coming months we’ll be announcing our last tour dates, which will include a stop at Cornerstone Festival. Our last show will be near the end of July this summer in Melbourne, Florida. More details will be announced soon.

In these final months we’ll also be working on a few new songs that will be on a 7” coming out this summer on Facedown Records. We’ve wanted to put out vinyl for years and felt we had a few more things to say before we go, so this seemed like the perfect time and place to put out a 7”.

We never thought that this band would get as far as it did. We never thought we’d have the chance to travel so much and tour with some of our favorite bands and make such amazing friends from all over the world. We are eternally grateful for the chance we were given to play music and actually have people listen. We want to thank Jason Dunn and Facedown Records for standing behind us for the past five years, being some of the easiest people to work with and for just being great friends. We want to thank all the bands we’ve met and toured with who have become some of our best friends and we will miss the shows and the hangouts dearly. Finally we want to thank everyone who has supported us by coming to a show, buying a shirt, letting us sleep on your floor or feeding us. We are more thankful than you’ll ever know.

Thanks for listening and see you soon. – CALL TO PRESERVE

Knowing that the end is so close this blog suddenly feels important again, a feeling that felt lost when we were on the road with only two original members and we seemed to still be playing to the same small crowds when we first started. There's this feeling now that we need to document our history while it's still here and fresh in our minds, so that's what we'll do. In the next few months we'll do our best to look at what's going to be happening in these final months, and also look back on the eight years of CTP's existence.

It's going to be a fun next 6 months. Let's go out with a bang!