Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The First of Many...


Welcome to the brand spanking new Call to Preserve blog. We thought this would be a good way to let everyone know what's been going on with us, whether it's making music or otherwise.  You'll get to see a few pictures, possibly some videos, and most importantly, we'll let you know about the progress of our upcoming album, which we'll talk about later.This is where you're going get to know us, and we are going to get to know you. It's a good thing. On with the blog!

Spring Tour, Facedown Fest, etc...
We were out on the road a couple weeks ago,  and oh what fun it was! Actually I'm not sure about the first half since I wasn't there, but from what I've heard it was pretty dope. I've been busy finishing up my bachelor's degree in communication, so I flew out to our Vegas show after I took care of some crucial college business. For the first week and a half we were out with Take it Back!, the newest signing to Facedown Records. They are cool dudes and an awesome band. They got an album coming out this summer, so check that out. 
After Vegas we pretty much hung out in Southern California all weekend for Facedown Fest and it's always good to see all of our friends from around the country in one area. The only drag about being in So Cal is the ridiculous traffic combined with how spread out everything is.  We missed most of the first night because we were sitting in traffic for almost 3 hours. L.A. is a drag. We were staying with Matt and Mike's sister in Santa Monica so we spent some time in Venice Beach where Mike, Kyle and John looked at the local art, and I tried to skateboard with the locals and ended up looking like an idiot.
While we were walking around the boardwalk, this dude in a turban and on roller blades while playing the electric guitar started following us playing this crazy sounding song. The song was actually pretty heavy, kind of later Black Flag-ish, and from what we gathered the lyrics were "T.V. cop, T.V porn, push button paradise," but he sang it in this weird accent like he was from India or something. Then the rollerblading-Sabbath-loving Hindu stops playing and asks us in a completely normal American voice, "So you guys, one of those bands playing in Pomona?" which is pretty weird since Pomona is 45 miles away and we didn't know of any of the other bands hanging around there that weekend. When we said yea he said, "that's too bad" and skates off.  It was a little strange to say the least.

The actual fest this year went really rad for us, so thanks to everyone who came out and made on of our best shows this year. Having the barrier this year was kind of weird, but I guess its one of those things you have to deal with and we still had fun regardless.
 Of course I can't talk about Facedown Fest this year without talking about Seventh Star. This year was their last show ever, and its sad to see them go. They've really helped us out as a band and been great friends to us. Even before we knew them we were all fans. From the time our first demo came out up until the last tours we did with them, they've always been huge a support for us, and without them we definitely wouldn't be where we are today.  Thanks for being such awesome dudes!
After California we started making our way back home. Most of the shows went well. Kingman, AZ was great, as they always are and so was Amarillio, TX. Albuquerque wasn't so good, but the good skate spots made up for it. You guys are lucky to have such sweet drainage ditches all over town. Plus we got to hang out with our good buddy Breed.
Our last show was a house show in Springfield, Missouri and it was a great way to end the tour. That little garage was packed and everybody was hospitable. Me and John were talking about how we wish we could only play little packed house shows and shows like Facedown Fest. It always sucks when you play a venue that fits 200 people and only 25 show up. It feels so awkward. If you put those 25 people in someone's living room it's not so bad. I'm also not going to try to be punk rock and say I hate being on a huge stage with a good sound guy and a crowd of 1500 people. That feels pretty good too. 

New Album...no, really.
We've been working pretty hard on a new album for the past few (more like 9) months and were happy to say a good bulk of the writing is done, but but we still have a few details to work out. For now I can tell you it should be out late summer on Facedown Records, and it's going to have somewhat of a different feel than Unsinkable did. I won't try to describe what it sounds like because it won't really help anyone. I can say that from the music to the lyrics, everything is going to be fresh and new and we're very excited about it.  We apologize for taking such a long time, but we want to be sure everything comes out just the way we want. We'll be posting updates including new lyrics and and commentary on what the album is about, so stay posted. 

That's it for now. Keep checking back. There's a lot to come.

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icebox said...

pretty excited about the new album :) good seeing you guys the other day

BeeHealthy said...

Nice job on the blog Harbor. Look forward to hearing the new album, "From Isolation", in it's entirety.
Love you guys-(:>)
Mrs. Aviles