Friday, August 22, 2008

Tropical Storms can't stop us!

Despite the in-climate weather going on over our great state, we still got a lot of stuff going on, so here's a some important stuff you'll want to to know:

Pre-Orders are up!

You can now pre-order our new album "From Isolation" from the Facedown Records website. They've got a few different options too so you have the choice of getting 1 of 2 different new CTP shirts with the cd. Plus, when you pre-order you automatically enter to win a PSP. That's a deal if I've ever heard one!

Video Shoot!
September 6th we'll be doing a video shoot at the Melbourne Jaycees. I believe the cost to get in is going to be $4, but there will be a couple other bands playing and they're is probably going to be some grilling going on out back. When's the last time you went to a show for $4? Come on! The video is for our new song "Hope for the Fallen" which is the one we had up on our myspace from our pre-production sessions a while back. Hopefully we'll have the album version posted soon. We're going to do some shooting before we play with the song playing over the speakers (this is real Hollywood stuff!) Then we're going to play a regular set and film that too. It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that you:
A. Bring as many people as you can to this show. It doesn't matter if you don't have any friends who listen to us or hardcore or whatever. Bring your parents if need be. When need that place packed!
B. You must go absolutely crazy at this show. We don't want footage of people standing around looking bored. We want footage of people who look like there at an actual hardcore show (go watch "American Hardcore" or the Champion DVD if you need inspiration). We prefer stage dives, finger points, pile-ons, and headwalks, but if you're feeling creative just go do it. It doesn't matter, just go nuts!
Show starts at 5pm and the address. 2401 Post Road Melbourne, FL 32935. Mapquest it! If you live out of town, or out of state, just do a road trip with all your friends. It'll be worth it!
That's it for now. Keep checking back. We'll have cd release shows announced soon, as well as tour dates for next month and through the fall. Keep it real.-Harbor

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