Sunday, November 2, 2008

Home Sweet Home.

Our time on the minotour ended a few days ago and now we're all back home safe in Florida and enjoying the fact that it's not 30 degrees outside. We had planned on being out for another week, but some of the dates fell through and we didn't feel like having 3 days off between the next show and losing even more money, so we decided to cancel the few dates we had left and head home.

The last few days of the tour ended being way chillier than what we expected for a fall tour. On Tuesday we were driving from New York City to Pittsburg when it started snowing like crazy. I didn't think there would be a chance in the world we would see snow in October, especially with all the global warming hoopla nowadays. We pulled over and some of us got out and acted like little kids playing in the snow, but after about 5 minutes though we remembered how snow sucks (especially wet, northeast, October snow) and remembered how everyone hates it when it snows and now we have 6 more hours to drive in this slush. Luckily the snow let up after not too long and we got to Pittsburgh safe. After we survived the roads, our lungs had to survive the smoky death trap that is Club Octane where we played that night. I don't even remember how our set went. I just remember about 100 underage kids smoking in a small room and making the place resemble a gas chamber. It was so sad to see all those young kids smoking. I just wanted to tell all those kids good luck having working lungs in the future, cause I was only there for a couple hours and I thought I was getting Bronchitis.
Our last show was in Edinborough Pa, at the hangout and I thought it was good show to leave off with, except for the fact that both me and matt broke a string within 5 minutes of each other. War of Ages came and hung out and even did a surprise song at the beginning of For Today's set. Kids were stoked! I'm not going lie though, I was more stoked on the fact that a Misfits cover band played that night. It's not that I don't like War Ages, it's just that I Love the Misfits! I probably enjoyed that band more than any other local band I saw on this tour. At the end of the show we had a small snowball fight with For Today which turned into a air soft gun fight, which really wasn't fair because Dave from For Today was the only one with an air soft gun.
After out debacle we said our goodbyes and wished them well. We're gonna miss those dudes! Such awesome guys and we'll be stoked to hang out with them at Facedown Fest. After the show we drove 18 hours straight and got home on Halloween Night with just enough time to crash some parties and make fun of drunk girls. I love Halloween!

We got a couple dates coming up this month. One being this show:
Lots of good bands on this show, and hopefully you'll get to see most of them before the show gets shut down. just kidding!...but seriously.
We'll be announcing our Novemeber/December dates with Grave Maker (Think Fast!) very shortly. Stay Posted!- Harbor and CTP

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Anonymous said...

Harbor, you're one of the funniest people I know. I just love you! You should write more often. - Lori