Friday, January 23, 2009

We're Still Alive!

So I've been kind of neglecting the blog lately, almost a tour without a post actually, and I apologize for that. We made it home safe from the Gravemaker tour, but just barely. After a short break for the holidays and michael almost dying from the flu, we met up with Folsom and CDC in Corpus Christi Texas a few days later than we had hoped. We've been out now for a couple weeks and it's been just great. We've been staying warm by hanging out in states like Texas, California, and even crossing the border to Mexico. I'm working on our first video blog of the new year as we speak, but for now here's just some random shots of what's been happening.

Well the video will be posted soon so keep looking out. In the meantime there's another review of "From Isolation" for you to check out at

Oh and one more thing! You may remember this picture from the last post:

It appears that someone at got a hold of our souvenir pic and slightly altered it to look like this:

Can you believe the audacity! Well everyone have a good weekend. Check us out on the road!-Harbor

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sailsfaster said...

Harbor lookin' like a cholo.
Where were you in the pic with the mountain behind you?