Monday, February 23, 2009

Playing Catch-Up

We are a band full of procrastinators. Just ask every promoter we've ever worked with. This is why you are about to watch a video from our tour that ended almost 3 weeks ago. I don't really have an excuse accept for that I've been trying to do normal non band things lately like working, riding my bike, and riding my bike at work. Plus I lost about an hour of footage while working on the video that included a sick skate session in palm springs and an awesome house show in Tuscan. It seriously bummed me out and I thought about just walking away from this one. But alas! I mustered the courage to finally finish this beast and it's not half bad. Check it out!

Lately it seems these videos that last no longer than a few minutes end up having their own soundtrack. This one is no exception, and incase you were wondering, here's the list of all the music used in the video.

James Taylor- "Mexico" (the bus ride)

Kid Cudi- "Day 'N' Night (Crooker's Remix)" (dance sequences)

Sufjan Stevens- "Say Yes! To Michigan" (the birds scene)

Since our last tour we've played one show in Kissimmee. It was a pretty epic show though. The Red, Baron, Take it Back! and Wrench in the Works also played. It was ill to say the least:

We've got one more Florida show before we leave for tour on the 28th:

(I hate it when they call us A Call To Preserve)
Come out it's gonna be dope. Also here's some other flyers for upcoming shows. There's a couple new ones so check 'em out!

Yes, that last one is Canadian date. We'll be there with Horizons in April. We're pretty much touring the entire continent of North America in the next few months, so be ready to see us real soon!

Just another 2 weeks till the Madball tour! Get stoked! I know I am.

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