Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Americans Abroad.

In case you were wondering, we're still in Canada, and we've been here for just over a month. After we left Horizons in Winnipeg we headed east through the Canadian Wilderness towards the province of Ontario where we've been ever since.
We've been on the road since March 26th and I'm almost too fatigued to give a full detailed account of everything that's happened since we've been here, so instead I'll leave you with a few details and as many pictures I can find. There may possibly be a post-tour blog in full detail of everything that happened, but until then here's the liner notes:

- We didn't see one Moose, Bear, or Mountie. What's the deal?
-We played a lot of house shows. House shows are always fun.
-When we were in Quebec we played a show in an elementary school. Then we stayed the night there and skated through the school all night.
-We had some shows fall through, so we hopped on a few dates with Madball, Cruel Hand and Wisdom in Chains. Fun couple of days!
-During those few days, Madball taught us a game called Mafia, and now it's our favorite thing to do especially on days off.
-Up here it's way too cold to be May. At home it's 90 degrees!
-Food is expensive so I'm always hungry.

Now enjoy these photographs!

A number of video blogs are coming soon. See you soon America!

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