Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Rain in Spain.

Sorry about the length of time without an update. We've been busy covering the entire continent of Europe. You know, no big deal. After a week or two in Eastern Europe, we moved into the warmer and more civilized counties like France, Spain, Italy and Portugal. It's been rad. The other day we got to hang out in Badalona, Spain, a vibrant little city on the Mediterranean outside of Barcelona. We hung out on the beach and then got lost in the city. That's what we've been best at. Wandering away from the venue every day and getting lost. Today we were in Lyon, France. We got lost and then ended up at this park with all these gardens and atriums that were built around the turn of the century. There were deer just walking around and a lot of people on razor scooters for some reason. It was wild!

A couple days before that we were in Lisboa, Portugal a huge city on the coast. It's an old city with tons of statues, cathedrals and narrow streets that wind up and down the hills and makes no sense. The venue we played that night was on a street too narrow for the tour bus, so we unloaded the trailer at a hotel across town and had to load everything into the promoter's van. It took about 3 trips to get everyone and every thing there. The ride to the venue was like a death race dodging traffic and old trollies through the streets. The venue was at the bottom of a hill and the road going up the hill actually went over the venue, but it was just an overpass, there was a city block built on top of the venue. WILD.

Shows have been lots of fun and we've been having a blast with Agnostic Front and This is Hell hanging out on the bus. We couldn't ask for better bands to see Europe for the first time with. Here's a a few pictures from my phone, with the exception of the live shots. Some better ones coming soon

Bydgeszcz, Poland

Leipzig, Germany

Hamburg, Germany


Badalona, Spain

Lisbon, Portugal

Lyon, France

A video blog we'll be up soon, and hopefully if this volcano in Iceland chills out soon, they can resume European air travel and we'll be home in just over a week. If not we might be stuck here for a while. We'll see. That's it for now. More updates soon!

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Ellyn said...

Great update! You have had the trip of a lifetime. Praying for the skies to open up soon so you can fly home.

Matt & Mike's Aunt Ellyn