Wednesday, April 6, 2011

California Uber Alles

I shouldn't be up this late since tomorrow will be such a long day. In a matter of hours we will be flying out to California in preparation of Facedown Fest 2011. We always love coming out to the west coast and we're especially excited about this show. Not only is it Facedown Fest, but it's our last west coast show ever, and that's a pretty big deal. We got a pretty good set planned. A lot of older ones and a few of our favorites. Get STOKED!

In other news, we're almost done writing the 7". We're going to be recording this month at Warrior in Chapel Hill, where we recorded Life Of Defiance. We're excited about these 4 songs. They're not like anything we've written before, and for our last release, why not? We're going to be announcing a title for the 7" very soon, so keep checking it out.

There's going to be a lot more posts on here from now on. We promise.

See you soon California!

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