Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Today is the Day!!!

The new album from Call To Preserve titled “From Isolation” is in stores and online today! Pick up a copy at Hot Topic (on sale for $9.99), Hastings, Virgin, and select Best Buy and FYE stores. As always, you can also pick up a copy at some of our favorite indie record shops like: Newbury comics, Gray Whale, Bull Moose, Angelos, Dimple, Electric Fetus, Independent, Rasputins, Zia and many more. You can also pick up a copy on iTunes or in the
Facedown Records online store.

What else can I say except GO PICK IT UP!

Getting Back in the Van

We had a pretty fun weekend of cd release shows and we want to thank everyone for coming and having a good time with us. Our friends in Infected came along with us and it was awesome to hang out and see them play every night. Make sure you check them out! The show in Brandon was definitely the stand out show of the weekend. I could tell you about it, or you could watch these videos:

We shot our video for "Hope for the Fallen" on Saturday night and it went extremely well. Thanks to all our friends from home and from south Florida for hanging out and filling the shots with high fives and stage dives. You'll be seeing that up in a few weeks. You'll also being seeing some video blogs up pretty soon too. Keep checking back!!!

We've been hanging out at the beautiful beaches in Destin, FL since yesterday for a little R'n'R before starting the next leg of the tour. Tonight we wrap up the Florida cd release shows in Pensacola at the Red Door and we'll be playing with our good friends in Jump the Shark. Until then I'm going to take in he salty air and go for a sail. See ya'll on the road!-Harbor

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Crenshaw said...

Can't wait to pick up the album!