Tuesday, March 9, 2010

It's Crunch Time, Kids!

With everything we have to get ready for I shouldn't be blogging right now, so I'll make this short.

We played two shows last month with Take it Back!, Ambush!, and Continuance. It was a lot of fun, as it almost always is with those guys. The first show was in Melbourne and it was pretty much just our friends there, which was alright, but it would've been nice to have some other people there so they could hear our new songs. The Tampa show was a lot of fun, but it was quite different. john had a naga tournament in south florida he had to be at, so he had to miss the show. Chase Moore of Seventh Star fame filled in on bass and I did vocals. I had a blast and kids responded well. Thanks to everyone for putting up with me.

Now its March 10 and we're just a week away from going to record our next album. We'll be recording at Warrior Sound in Chapel hill, North Carolina. Advent recorded their new album there and it sounds pretty amazing so we're stoked. And the title of the album:

"Life of Defiance"

Deal with it.
After that we'll be home for about 3 days before we jump on a plane for Europe and start our tour with Agnostic Front and This is Hell. This is going to be unreal. I still don't think it's hit that in the next month and half I will have been to about 10 different countries I've never been to before. WILD.

Just like last time, we're going to record all the studio hijinks and put it up on the world wide web. We will do the same for Europe. Be on the look out. We're about to be crazy busy.

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