Friday, March 19, 2010

We're shuttin' Down The Studio

We've been at Warrior Sound recording "Life of Defiance" for the past four days, and I'm sitting here listening to John lay down the first vocal tracks. Given our our limited number of days before we leave for tour we've spent all day here everyday. I have to say I think everything is coming even better than we hoped it would. It's already sounding pretty killer and and its only been four days.

This recording experience has been quite different than recording From Isolation. Last time around we were in Boston and had two weeks of 6 hour days. This time we're in a rural town outside of Chapel Hill, NC and we're doing 6 10 hour days. Last time we were a 5 peice and brought 2 of our friends with us. This time we're a 4 peice, we didn't bring any friends with us and mike had to leave after he finished tracking drums. We've spent a lot more time recording and less time goofing around and yelling at girls with umbrellas. I personally have spent much more time playing on this album than last time, which means I've been able to document the process less. This makes for a good record, but not for hilarious video blogs. Don't worry there will be some, but I can't promise they'll be as funny as last time.

It hasn't been all work and no play though. The other night the dudes from Advent came by and hung out with us, and mike from For Today showed up out of nowhere. It ruled. Tonight they're coming by to help us with some gang vocals and I'm sure some serious partying will ensue. I'm sure you can infer who's doing some guest vocals on this record.

Here's a few shots from this week:

We leave for our European tour with Agnostic Front and This is Hell in one week. Get stoked!


Duke said...

Is that a TS-808 pedal by the marshall amp?

call to preserve said...

Yea we've pretty much used it on everything.